Lena Pillars

Last weekend, I took part in a trip to Lenskiy Stolby, a place I was dreaming to visit in Yakutia. I traveled there with a group of 10 super nice and hardcore Yakut women and our guide Misha, some of them being quite experienced and hiking so fast. Was awesome!
We hiked about 17,4km and climbed up to the cliffs. Luckily, the temperatures were very «chill» that day, -30°C, whereas it was -40°C the weekend before. The place was gorgeous and the day amazing.

The night before the hike, she slept in a house in the nearest village and shared food all together.

The ambiance in the group and the mood were so great during the whole trip, even when we got some issues with the car on the way back. I really enjoyed and I am so thankful to all my new wonderful Yakutian friends



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